Oatman Family

Most of the Oatman family, among early settlers in LaHarpe, four out of seven were massacred in Arizona on their way to California in 1851. Only three members survived, and two girls were taken captive by Indians. Of those two, only Olive survived.

 At each place where the Oatmans had lived, the last being in Whiteside county, IL, Mrs. Oatman planted a lilac bush, and a sprout taken from the site of their last residence is now growing in LaHarpe's city park, with a plaque alongside.

The Historical Society of the state of Arizona has erected a monument and fenced in the site of the graves of the Oatmans, and an official grave marker for Olive Oatman was dedicated at Sherman, Texas, where she is buried.

Information and photos provided by the Mayor of LaHarpe, Kenneth L. Brown.

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