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Fred Gibb, Jr. and the ZL-1 Camaro

Fred Gibb, Jr., the original owner of the 1969 ZL-1 Camaro pictured here, was a Chevrolet Dealer in LaHarpe, Illinois for 36 years.

John R. Hooper's 1969 Camaro Reference Book (1991, J & D Publications, Westminster, MD) states "The ZL-1 was the brainchild of Fred Gibb; without him there would never have been the ZL-1 Camaro."

Gibb began his racing career in 1967 with the high performance "302" Z28 Camaro and retired from racing in 1971 after winning the A.H.R.A. World Championship for Pro Stock in San Francisco, California. During those years, they raced from coast to coast bringing home many prestigious awards. Some people said that the race car and hauler were a "traveling billboard for LaHarpe".

Fred Gibb, as well as being a succssful business man , was always active in his church and other civic organizations. He passed away several years ago, but some of his family still reside in LaHarpe.

Fred Gibb and Ray Sullins (under car) at Bristol, TN.
Helen Gibb, Bill Porterfield and Fred Gibb with the resored #1 ZL-1.